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TF2 Update Inbound, Hats Are The New Old Hats

August 12, 2009

It doesn’t seem long since the mighty Sniper vs. Spy update, but apparently Valve have decided to shake things up again with a new ‘classless’ update for Team Fortress 2. What that essentially means is that the update will have no specific class in mind – and therefore all classes will get something nifty. The first day of update news is up, and we can be expecting 18 new hats and a new Arena level to be arriving with the update. We’ll keep you posted with the next few days of news.


Win! Steam Games Worth £40!

June 29, 2009
As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

Ever wished that somebody would offer to buy you games from every-body’s favourite digital distribution platform? Ever thought that it would be neat if you could ‘compete’ against others to ‘win’ that ‘prize’? We’re introducing a novel idea called a ‘competition’ in which one lucky person who cares to enter (that’s UK, US and anywhere else that Steam operates) can win up to £40 of games from Steam.


E3 – Left 4 Dead 2 Announced, Detailed, Previewed

June 1, 2009

Yes, this image did come from Rock, Paper, Shotgun. We love them.

Yep. E3 is always the place of over-excited presenters but this time it seems that there are some new games that are genuinely worth getting excited over. The first, but definitely not the least, is Left 4 Dead 2. Rock, Paper, Shotgun got a sneaky look before the announcement.

[Update] The teaser trailer is now available here

Are You Happy Now? TF2 Achievement Milestones Return

May 30, 2009


Yep, Valve have backed down and included the achievement milestones for the Spy and Sniper classes as an alternative was to unlock the precious jar of piss you want so badly. So that means that hopefully idle servers will be a thing of the past, even if it means some will return to the achievement grinding of yesteryear. I myself logged on this morning to find that TF2 was awarding me with three unlocks due to these changes, so I’m not unhappy. However I’d prefer Valve found a way of reintroducing the milestones without making it seem like they caved to the whiny dicks on the TF2 servers.

The TF2 Troubles

May 24, 2009


Last week (presuming you hold to the somewhat insane view that Sunday is the beginning of the week, not the end), the new Team Fortress 2 update was released. Initially anticipated by large numbers of players hoping for a bit of fresh air in their favourite team-based multiplayer game, it was not till the next day that the majority discovered the true horrors that lie within the Sniper vs Spy update…


Sniper Vs Spy – TF2 Update Is Live

May 22, 2009


The new update for Team Fortress 2 has gone live. I’ve not gone over the new update in any great length, because I’m saving it all up for a mini ‘review’ of the changes, but you can find all the details on what’s changed over at the update page. On top of this, Valve are having another free weekend of TF2, meaning that anyone that still hasn’t bought the game can try it for nothing for the weekend. The game itself is also half price at the moment, meaning you can get it for £6.99.

Left 4 Dead Survival Pack Out Now On 360, Out Later On PC

April 21, 2009


Valve’s zombie classic Left 4 Dead has been one of my favourite games to play for a while, and the survival pack looked set to revitalise what little enthusiasm I had lost up till now for the game. As a result I’ve been looking forward to the release of the new free add-on/DLC which, along with making the rest of the campaigns be Versus-Compatible, added the “Survival”mode, where a team has to attempt to survive the longest in an all-out barrage of mayhem.

I’ve jumped into the 360 version for a couple of rounds, and it was great fun, but I’ll reserve my thoughts for a full-blown think-em-up for the blog at a later date. If you’ve got a 360, the new content should already be available, if you’ve got a PC you can expect it later today.