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TF2 Update Inbound, Hats Are The New Old Hats

August 12, 2009

It doesn’t seem long since the mighty Sniper vs. Spy update, but apparently Valve have decided to shake things up again with a new ‘classless’ update for Team Fortress 2. What that essentially means is that the update will have no specific class in mind – and therefore all classes will get something nifty. The first day of update news is up, and we can be expecting 18 new hats and a new Arena level to be arriving with the update. We’ll keep you posted with the next few days of news.


Classic Video Game Covers

February 7, 2009

Kotaku caught my eye with a collection of classic video game covers created to look like they were part of a classic books collection, something akin to Penguin Classics. This is best said with images, which you can find after the jump…