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Dust 514 – Eve Online for Consoles

August 18, 2009

Dust 514

CCP have announced today a new Eve Online related project; Dust 514. The information we have so far is that it will be primarily a console release, includes FPS, RTS and MMO mechanics and interacts directly with the PC spearhead – Eve Online.

The Kotaku news post attached the following images:



The interesting part is the direct interaction with Eve Online, maybe this has something to do with the Walking in Stations ongoing development? The above pictures sure could point to that. Read the article for more, all will be revealed officially at CCPs fan-fest in October.

Update: I found this;


Thoughtshake Merchandise Now Available

August 15, 2009


Ever stare longingly at our fabulous banner, and wish you could have a similar, higher resolution, image plastered across your chest in the form of a T-shirt? Well, you’re in luck. Alongside a stellar line up of random designs I’ve thrown on a t-shirt, you can buy the official Thoughtshake T-Shirt. All proceeds are going straight into my pocket, and by extension into this site by giving me the money to keep buying games to review, talk about and ignore on my Steam Games list.

Competition Result: Somebody Won!

August 1, 2009


Who saw that coming? Yes, somebody has won the coveted £40 worth of Steam games! We asked you folks to send us your favourite experiences in games in interesting ways, and you certainly didn’t disappoint. We received all sorts of entries, including songs, pictures and anecdotes, but ultimately there can only be one winner – and the name of that person is…


Fancy Winning Some Steam Games? Get Off Your Lazy Arse And Enter!

July 22, 2009
No, I have not improved the banner.

No, I have not improved the banner.

We’re coming up to the last week of the Steam competition that we’ve been running, so if anyone has been holding back on entering because they can’t be arsed, or have been preparing something particularly spectacular, make sure to get in your entries by midnight on SlappyBag Day (also known as 31st July in some cultures). The competition is quite close at the moment, and with time running out your last minute entry could make all the difference.

Like reading about our adventures in EVE, GTA IV, Oblivion and STALKER? You can live them too if you win this prize, as all these games are available on Steam. The prize is a full £40 of Steam Games, the specific game choices are up to you. All you have to do is tell us about your favourite experience in a game in an interesting or amusing manner, and you could be walking away with pretty much any game from the Steam catalogue, or a whole array of cheaper ones! Get your entries in to contact [at] thoughtshake [dot] com!

Read the full Terms and Conditions over at the original post.

I’m Outta Here (For About A Week)

July 15, 2009

Just a heads up – not many updates will be posted in this week or the beginning of the next one. I’m off to a festival – and as everyone knows, I’m the only one who does work here. As everyone also knows, internet at festivals is not the most common commodity. As a result, unless one of the other folk who waander these dusty halls feels like posting, you’ll be without vaguely videogamey news for a week. When I say news, I mean ramblings and inane game ‘diaries’.

Win! Steam Games Worth £40!

June 29, 2009
As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

Ever wished that somebody would offer to buy you games from every-body’s favourite digital distribution platform? Ever thought that it would be neat if you could ‘compete’ against others to ‘win’ that ‘prize’? We’re introducing a novel idea called a ‘competition’ in which one lucky person who cares to enter (that’s UK, US and anywhere else that Steam operates) can win up to £40 of games from Steam.


Trine Demo Released, Full Game Available For Pre-Purchase

June 27, 2009


The demo for the upbeat fantasy sidescroller; Trine, has been released. You can pre-purchase it on the beloved Steam in time for release or try out the demo. Being the poor southerner that I am, I’ve only had a chance to play the demo which includes the first two levels of the full game, enough to show you the well developed physics and multi-character gameplay. It leaves me wanting more.

Lack Of Updates Found To Be Wholly Not My Fault

June 6, 2009

I must apologise for the lack of updates over the last couple of days. I’ve been finishing off my last few days of Uni, while also buying various components for a PC upgrade, and so haven’t had much time for writing in my spare time. Fortunately, my last exam is over and I am now on holiday for several months. Unfortunately, for the first month I’ll be without a decent PC, and instead stuck on a crappy laptop. I’ll try my best to have some updates soon, just don’t be surprised when they don’t feature anything more technologically advanced than the original Quake.

E3 – Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer

June 2, 2009

Looking awesome, I think you’ll agree. It’s like watching an episode of 24.

E3 – Just Cause 2 Trailer: It’s Fucking Insane-y

June 2, 2009

Not much I can say after that…