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Thoughtshake Merchandise Now Available

August 15, 2009


Ever stare longingly at our fabulous banner, and wish you could have a similar, higher resolution, image plastered across your chest in the form of a T-shirt? Well, you’re in luck. Alongside a stellar line up of random designs I’ve thrown on a t-shirt, you can buy the official Thoughtshake T-Shirt. All proceeds are going straight into my pocket, and by extension into this site by giving me the money to keep buying games to review, talk about and ignore on my Steam Games list.


TF2 Update Is Live, Rather Fantastic

August 14, 2009


The final day of the TF2 update news has come and gone, and so the update has been released. The last bit of news told us that we would be getting a CTF version of Sawmill, the inclusion of CP_Yukon from the community as an official map, and many new features and fixes. Hit the read more bit under this to find the full changelog, and stay tuned for some impressions of after-update play.


TF2 Update Inbound, Hats Are The New Old Hats

August 12, 2009

It doesn’t seem long since the mighty Sniper vs. Spy update, but apparently Valve have decided to shake things up again with a new ‘classless’ update for Team Fortress 2. What that essentially means is that the update will have no specific class in mind – and therefore all classes will get something nifty. The first day of update news is up, and we can be expecting 18 new hats and a new Arena level to be arriving with the update. We’ll keep you posted with the next few days of news.

Left 4 Dead 2 News: Swamp Fever

July 24, 2009


Every so often we at the Thoughtshake feel the need to give some kind of coverage to current news in the video game world. It doesn’t happen often, but we realise that some people like to get their news from an obscure and poorly researched resource rather than one of the major gaming sites around. We appreciate that, but that in turn makes it hard for us to find stuff out without actually going to those big sites and getting the facts directly from them. Because we don’t get invited to the video games parties.

Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2 news has surfaced from Comic-Con – this time showing off a new campaign called Swamp Fever, and a new special infected called the Spitter. Continuing to walk the line between creepy and comical, the Spitter is an odd looking creature which spits toxic goo which hurts a lot should it hit a player, and once it hits the ground it stays there hurting anyone who crosses it again. This effectively means that the survivors will be unable to just hide in a closet shooting out, as the toxic goo will force them into the open, and possibly scatter them for the other infected to pick off.

It all sounds very good, and my faith remains in Valve to pull this off with similar success to Left For Dead 1. There are more pics of the Swamp and things at Planet Half-Life.

Fancy Winning Some Steam Games? Get Off Your Lazy Arse And Enter!

July 22, 2009
No, I have not improved the banner.

No, I have not improved the banner.

We’re coming up to the last week of the Steam competition that we’ve been running, so if anyone has been holding back on entering because they can’t be arsed, or have been preparing something particularly spectacular, make sure to get in your entries by midnight on SlappyBag Day (also known as 31st July in some cultures). The competition is quite close at the moment, and with time running out your last minute entry could make all the difference.

Like reading about our adventures in EVE, GTA IV, Oblivion and STALKER? You can live them too if you win this prize, as all these games are available on Steam. The prize is a full £40 of Steam Games, the specific game choices are up to you. All you have to do is tell us about your favourite experience in a game in an interesting or amusing manner, and you could be walking away with pretty much any game from the Steam catalogue, or a whole array of cheaper ones! Get your entries in to contact [at] thoughtshake [dot] com!

Read the full Terms and Conditions over at the original post.

Seed of Destruction

July 11, 2009
Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this

Everybody has enemies, and everybody has fantasies about punching those enemies in the face. My personal fantasy is to ride a giant sperm and crush my enemies like a pancake. Alas these are simply just that – fantasies. That is, until today! Seed of Destruction is an incredibly fun and addictive little flash game consisting of riding an over-sized ejaculatory entity which crushes people, planes and tanks. It is presented in a sexy hand-drawn style and really pulls out all the stops with videos between each stages and cheerily drawn tutorials. There is a surprising amount of depth as well with the ability to whack projectiles away from yourself and into the path of the various things sent to kill you, all of which take a different approach. It also has unlockable minigames!

If you’ve nothing to do for a few minutes, check out Seed of Destruction.

Sloppy Arguments in Game Reviews

July 10, 2009

L.B. Jeffries asked his twitter followers to describe what riles them up about game reviews, and has compiled a list of the most interesting and annoying. How games are reviewed is a popular subject, and many of the items on Jeffries’ list seem like common-sense – though I’m sure we’ve all bared witness some ourselves.

Complaining that a re-released classic title is old.

This is a real head scratcher. Complaining that ChronoTrigger is the exact same as it was 16 years ago is a bit like whining about Oliver Twist still being the same old book. The game is a JRPG classic and when someone buys it, that’s what they want. The same applies for retro-remakes. If they’re blatantly trying to remake a 1980’s style game for older gamers (the average age is 30, remember?), that’s what they want.

What frustrates you about the gaming press?

Goodness Me: The Beatles Rock Band Opening Cinematic

July 7, 2009


I know, I know, it’s not new or anything, but for those of you who haven’t watched it The Beatles: Rock Band has an opening cinematic released on the internet for your enjoyment – and if you like The Beatles, you will enjoy it. Watch it here in HD, or after the jump for the youtube version.


Win! Steam Games Worth £40!

June 29, 2009
As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

Ever wished that somebody would offer to buy you games from every-body’s favourite digital distribution platform? Ever thought that it would be neat if you could ‘compete’ against others to ‘win’ that ‘prize’? We’re introducing a novel idea called a ‘competition’ in which one lucky person who cares to enter (that’s UK, US and anywhere else that Steam operates) can win up to £40 of games from Steam.


Video Games and the Female Audience

June 28, 2009

Another wonderful lecture from Daniel Floyd has arrived, which is most definitely worth checking out. This time, it’s on the subject of women, and their perceived role in gaming. Great stuff.