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Foreign Legion: Buckets Of Blood Review

August 5, 2009


Well here’s an odd little distraction – Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood arrived on Steam yesterday. I’d not heard anything about it, but the cheap price of £5.24 (25% off the normal price) and the rather nice simplistic art style persuaded me to drop the money and give it a go. Obviously, from the Steam description it wasn’t going to be the most subtle of games, but was it worth the money?



Time Gentlemen, Please! – The Review

July 9, 2009

Yes, I know I've used it before.

Adventure games. Apparently they’re coming back into favour in the mainstream (ish) market, what with LucasArts releasing it’s back catalogue (at least in part) on Steam this week and a remake of Monkey Island inbound from Telltale Games. In the darker corners of the internet, however, you’ll find that adventure games never died; and that people have been creating little gems of pc gaming. People like Zombie Cow Studios, who have been working fervently to make top notch stories for the likes of us, in the form of the free and brilliantly named Ben There, Dan That and their new release; the £2.99 sequel Time Gentlemen, Please which is the focus of this review. Hence the title.


NEOTOKYO° Half-Life 2 Mod Released

July 5, 2009


I’m a couple of days late with this, but of course with things like this it’s much better late than never. NEOTOKYO° has been one of my most highly anticipated Half-Life 2 mods for quite a while now, behind only things like the fabled Black Mesa: Source, so it’s with great joy that I bring the news that it has finally been released. I’m afraid that I’ve not played it yet, so I can’t vouch for the gameplay, but it looks incredible and sounds like once you get the hand of the tactical gameplay it’ll be a blast. The mod is a tactical multiplayer game, with plenty of maps, weapons, night vision, thermal vision etc, so if you’re an arcade type this might not be for you. Everyone else (and those who are doubtful) should give it a go though. You can read more about the mod on the teams’ website or ModDB page, the latter containing download links.

Time Gentlemen, Please! Released

June 22, 2009


I’ve been following the developments of Zombie Cow Studios’ latest game for quite a while now, thanks to the wonder of Twitter. Despite a last-minute complication with the installer, the launch of the new game Time Gentlemen, Please was only delayed overnight and it now available to be electronically bought. It’s the sequel to the apparently rather special Ben There, Dan That – which is also a comedy adventure game – which I’ve still yet to play (Despite it being ever so free). No such qualms with Time Gentlemen, Please however, which I’ve just bought (£3 is madness!) and I urge you to as well. You can find out more about it, as well as a demo, over at the website.

Half-Life 2: Calamity Review

May 29, 2009


Half-Life 2: Calamity is, before anyone thinks a new Half-Life 2 game has been released, a new community mod which was released late last night by its creator, Bobby Cardona. It’s essentially a (completely non-canon) prequel to the events in Half-Life 2, taking place on the 6th day of what Half-Life 2 characters and aficionados call the 7 Day War (when the combine arrive at Earth and blah blah blah… You’ll know it if you’ve played Half-Life 2, and you need Half-Life 2 to play). The mod’s been a fairly long time coming, and I’ve been keeping a casual eye on things as they progressed for the last year or so, so here it is: Half-Life 2: Calamity.



May 19, 2009


Rock, Paper, Shotgun pointed me in the direction of this free little game. Fathom is, quite simply, the best such game I’ve played for a long time, but not for the gameplay. There’s a twist in the game which, I’m relatively proud to say, I actually got. I’ll not say much more so as not to spoil it for you, you can find it here. It’s basically a platformer, but it’s well worth a look.

The Path Impressions

May 19, 2009


I’ve finally gotten round to buying The Path, a game I’ve talked about on a couple of occasions on this blog, from Steam. I’d read a lot of reviews telling me what I should expect, but nonetheless I attempted to go into the game with an open mind to see what the developers has in store for me. This is just a brief account of my first few hours in the game, and in no way a review. This is, I suspect, a game that cannot be reviewed.


The Thoughtshake Battles: A Weekly Way to Wage War

May 17, 2009


The Thoughtshake Battles have been going on for 2 weeks now, both times in Left 4 Dead Versus. However, as the site grows and more people fancy playing a game with other people in the Steam Group, we’ve come to find the 8 player limit that comes with Left 4 Dead a bit… well, limiting. As a result, from now on the game we will play each week with change. Now, you might think that this presents a problem for people who don’t have the game. Luckily, we have a solution. Instead of fully fledged retail games, we’re going to be playing a different Source mod each week.


And Yet Its Pirated

May 17, 2009

The indie platformer, And Yet It Moves’s, developer Felix Bohatsch has claimed recently in an interview with Gamer Limit claimed that the piracy rate has hit an all time high of 95.5%.

“We currently have a bootlegging rate from approximately 95.5% which basically means for every game we sell there are 22 cracked version being played.”

Piracy and DRM are common topics these days and are large challenges for developers and publishers. Many indie developers choose not to have any DRM and that the price and convenience that things such as Steam offer will carry it through. Read the full interview for more on And Yet It Moves.

Though I’ve yet to play it myself, everything I’ve heard is that its a brilliant little platformer with some interesting elements and fun art design. Its currently goes for £9.99 on Steam. There is also a short demo available.

My-Queen Quibbles

May 16, 2009

Another media related post; this one is again another reaction type piece towards a news article. More of an addition to my last piece really.

Game development seems to be heading in a different direction in recent days; an increasing amount of art and indie games are hitting the market – and succeeding due to the likes of various digital distribution venues such as Steam, take The Path and Braid for example. Even mainstream games such as Velvet Assassin are dealing with more adult themes, these tend to all end up being questioned and in some cases insulted in various mediums due to trying to tackle the issues that up until now only TV and books have really been able to tastefully.

Recently in The Star was a small article about, an online social network and gaming platform that has themes of gender, sexuality and modern society deeply pinned in its ideologies, though is nothing along the lines of the “metaphor for rape” that The Path is claimed to be. It goes without saying that the article in The Star, a British newspaper, was as negative as an electron that made the online game seem like a massive slag fest. I played the game a bit to investigate and except for your online character beginning in the nude I didn’t find much about sleeping around. I contacted the director of Blouzar, the company that produces, Chris Evans for more information and thoughts.