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Foreign Legion: Buckets Of Blood Review

August 5, 2009


Well here’s an odd little distraction – Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood arrived on Steam yesterday. I’d not heard anything about it, but the cheap price of £5.24 (25% off the normal price) and the rather nice simplistic art style persuaded me to drop the money and give it a go. Obviously, from the Steam description it wasn’t going to be the most subtle of games, but was it worth the money?



Accessibility, Is It A Bad Thing?

July 20, 2009


Games these days are always being developed to be accessible; for the biggest target audience, to ease frustration and ease the learning curve. Popcap have always been one to aim for accessibility in their genuinely simple and fun games, take the smash hits Peggle or Plants vs Zombies of examples of how simple and focused a game can be.  Mainstream games are constantly going down the similar route of easing people into the game, some overly so, especially on recent focus on the console formats. All this is well and good, I for one enjoy a good game of Team Fortress 2 as much as the next crazed gamer but some of my real long time favourite games have an almost vertical learning curve, becoming almost inaccessible.


The Adventures of Captain Major in Oblivion – Part 1: Is All Well In Aleswell?

July 11, 2009


Like many superheros, Captain Major’s origin is shrouded in the mists of time. Did he ride out of an Oblivion gate fully formed, with the head of an innocent bystander held aloft? Was he struck by a magical force when idly poking an Ayleid well? Or did he simply ransack a guard house in the Imperial City, and decide that tights and a cape were the way forward?

Perhaps we shall never know the true answer, for what is in the past is gone, and all that remains is Captain Major. Tasked by unknown forces to do good throughout the land, he strides forward with his trusty beating stick. Who dares stand in his way?


Trine Demo Released, Full Game Available For Pre-Purchase

June 27, 2009


The demo for the upbeat fantasy sidescroller; Trine, has been released. You can pre-purchase it on the beloved Steam in time for release or try out the demo. Being the poor southerner that I am, I’ve only had a chance to play the demo which includes the first two levels of the full game, enough to show you the well developed physics and multi-character gameplay. It leaves me wanting more.

Battlefield Heroes: Out Now For No Money, Unless You Want A New Hat

June 25, 2009


I’d forgotten that Battlefield Heroes hadn’t already been released, what with me having been in the beta since the game first went into closed beta, but now it’s been released for the subservient oiks that trundle around the lower ground of the internet. That means you. It’s free-to-play but not free-to-buy-hats, which means if you’re serious about customising your character (and you should be, it’s one of the game’s most redeeming features), you’ll need to pay money. Anyway, Go! Play! (Even if the game doesn’t interest you in the slightest, follow the link purely for the video. It’s awesome.)

The Plants Vs Zombies Review

May 7, 2009


Before I start, I might warn you that this review will be somewhat biased. The fact that the game has bob-sledding zombies and a Michael Jackson look-a-like zombie who summons back-up dancers my have clouded my judgement of the overall game, and perhaps the fantastic almanac and hilarious art design have distracted me from the core mechanics of the game. All in all, though, I have to say that this game is brilliant fun.