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Dust 514 – Eve Online for Consoles

August 18, 2009

Dust 514

CCP have announced today a new Eve Online related project; Dust 514. The information we have so far is that it will be primarily a console release, includes FPS, RTS and MMO mechanics and interacts directly with the PC spearhead – Eve Online.

The Kotaku news post attached the following images:



The interesting part is the direct interaction with Eve Online, maybe this has something to do with the Walking in Stations ongoing development? The above pictures sure could point to that. Read the article for more, all will be revealed officially at CCPs fan-fest in October.

Update: I found this;


Accessibility, Is It A Bad Thing?

July 20, 2009


Games these days are always being developed to be accessible; for the biggest target audience, to ease frustration and ease the learning curve. Popcap have always been one to aim for accessibility in their genuinely simple and fun games, take the smash hits Peggle or Plants vs Zombies of examples of how simple and focused a game can be.  Mainstream games are constantly going down the similar route of easing people into the game, some overly so, especially on recent focus on the console formats. All this is well and good, I for one enjoy a good game of Team Fortress 2 as much as the next crazed gamer but some of my real long time favourite games have an almost vertical learning curve, becoming almost inaccessible.


Seed of Destruction

July 11, 2009
Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this

Everybody has enemies, and everybody has fantasies about punching those enemies in the face. My personal fantasy is to ride a giant sperm and crush my enemies like a pancake. Alas these are simply just that – fantasies. That is, until today! Seed of Destruction is an incredibly fun and addictive little flash game consisting of riding an over-sized ejaculatory entity which crushes people, planes and tanks. It is presented in a sexy hand-drawn style and really pulls out all the stops with videos between each stages and cheerily drawn tutorials. There is a surprising amount of depth as well with the ability to whack projectiles away from yourself and into the path of the various things sent to kill you, all of which take a different approach. It also has unlockable minigames!

If you’ve nothing to do for a few minutes, check out Seed of Destruction.

Sloppy Arguments in Game Reviews

July 10, 2009

L.B. Jeffries asked his twitter followers to describe what riles them up about game reviews, and has compiled a list of the most interesting and annoying. How games are reviewed is a popular subject, and many of the items on Jeffries’ list seem like common-sense – though I’m sure we’ve all bared witness some ourselves.

Complaining that a re-released classic title is old.

This is a real head scratcher. Complaining that ChronoTrigger is the exact same as it was 16 years ago is a bit like whining about Oliver Twist still being the same old book. The game is a JRPG classic and when someone buys it, that’s what they want. The same applies for retro-remakes. If they’re blatantly trying to remake a 1980’s style game for older gamers (the average age is 30, remember?), that’s what they want.

What frustrates you about the gaming press?

Trine Demo Released, Full Game Available For Pre-Purchase

June 27, 2009


The demo for the upbeat fantasy sidescroller; Trine, has been released. You can pre-purchase it on the beloved Steam in time for release or try out the demo. Being the poor southerner that I am, I’ve only had a chance to play the demo which includes the first two levels of the full game, enough to show you the well developed physics and multi-character gameplay. It leaves me wanting more.

And Yet Its Pirated

May 17, 2009

The indie platformer, And Yet It Moves’s, developer Felix Bohatsch has claimed recently in an interview with Gamer Limit claimed that the piracy rate has hit an all time high of 95.5%.

“We currently have a bootlegging rate from approximately 95.5% which basically means for every game we sell there are 22 cracked version being played.”

Piracy and DRM are common topics these days and are large challenges for developers and publishers. Many indie developers choose not to have any DRM and that the price and convenience that things such as Steam offer will carry it through. Read the full interview for more on And Yet It Moves.

Though I’ve yet to play it myself, everything I’ve heard is that its a brilliant little platformer with some interesting elements and fun art design. Its currently goes for £9.99 on Steam. There is also a short demo available.

My-Queen Quibbles

May 16, 2009

Another media related post; this one is again another reaction type piece towards a news article. More of an addition to my last piece really.

Game development seems to be heading in a different direction in recent days; an increasing amount of art and indie games are hitting the market – and succeeding due to the likes of various digital distribution venues such as Steam, take The Path and Braid for example. Even mainstream games such as Velvet Assassin are dealing with more adult themes, these tend to all end up being questioned and in some cases insulted in various mediums due to trying to tackle the issues that up until now only TV and books have really been able to tastefully.

Recently in The Star was a small article about, an online social network and gaming platform that has themes of gender, sexuality and modern society deeply pinned in its ideologies, though is nothing along the lines of the “metaphor for rape” that The Path is claimed to be. It goes without saying that the article in The Star, a British newspaper, was as negative as an electron that made the online game seem like a massive slag fest. I played the game a bit to investigate and except for your online character beginning in the nude I didn’t find much about sleeping around. I contacted the director of Blouzar, the company that produces, Chris Evans for more information and thoughts.


Gaming Induced Violence

May 9, 2009

No point being the odd one out, so I’ll join the club and use the lovely italics as an introduction to any of my posts that need it. I’m the third wheel of this little trio act that is appearing on this here website, coming from the brilliant community of where I met both Rustvaar and ad_hominem a number of years back. I’m pursuing the goal of  one day becoming one of the monkeys working in this game industry and hopefully may be able to bring another perspective to this here blog. My first post was going to be about some of the finer elements of Battlefield: Heroes but decided to go with this darker topic. I’m not offering an anaylisis or an in-depth investigation into the following, it is more of a mini-rant.

The media has always had a fun time poking holes in our beloved gaming hobby, especially when it comes to turning us into insane violent killers. Such examples such as the GTA Taxi Steal and the WoW Couple have both been tied to gamings darkd handed influence. Even the Columbine Massacre has been linked with the likes of Doom. Recently a casual game of Counter Strike Source in a humble internet café ended with one of the players deaths.


Gang Garrison 2

May 6, 2009

Gang Garrison, Pixel Mayhem

I recently discovered this upbeat “demake” of Team Fortress 2 entitled Gang Garrison. Basically its Team Fortress 2 from twenty years ago and is a brilliantly cute side scrolling reincarnation of our favourite class based shoot em up. Unfortunately there are no dedicated servers larking about so be prepared to encounter some lag, once you find a server that is.

Its a fun distraction, though it may tempt you into playing the real Team Fortress 2. Its does have its own remake of the theme music in classic 8-bit style, that alone is enough reason to give it a go.