The ThoughtShake is essentially a blog centered around video games. However, rather than focusing on those games which already get a huge amount of coverage on mainstream magazines or websites, this blog tends to look at the games that are less well-known. This can mean commercial games that are not attributed to a giant publisher like EA, or Indie games which simply don’t have much opportunity for any press coverage, or even Free-To-Play mods of popular video games that have caught my eye.

The blog currently comprises of mainly news and articles, with the occasional review of a game that had been covered previously, and an almost weekly article on aspects of game design, as seen from a total outsider.

The ThoughtShake is currently written by

  • Joe “ad_hominem” Russell
  • Ross “Rustvaar” McFarland
  • Stan “SlappyBag” Lindsey
  • Kit “thenotsoninja” Fortescue

If you’re lonely at night and feel the need for the warm comforting glow of blog-companionship to fill that void inside you, why not become a contributor for The Thoughtshake? To apply, email the team at contact [at] thoughtshake [dot] com and nag them until they surrender.


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