The Adventures of Captain Major in Oblivion – Part 3: A Treasure Trove Of Fun



Previously on The Adventures of Captain Major… A fish was beaten to death and the people of Aleswell were saved from a minor annoyance in Is All Well in Aleswell?, and Captain Major’s trusty steed Speedo is mercilessly slaughtered by marauders on the way to Bravil in Havok on the Highway!

I had made it to Bravil, where apparently a spell called Kill was being sold by a local spell merchant. Seeing as this was the main reason for my visit to Bravil, I made it my first item of business to find out who was selling the spell, and to purchase it. I’d not made a lot of money so far as Captain Major, but before I became a superhero, I had procured a tidy sum of money which I could dip into now. I soon found the shop, which gave me the choice of two spells in the Kill catagory – Weak and Moderate.

This somewhat stumped me – generally, when I kill someone they stay dead. I didn’t find myself choosing to kill them weakly, they just kind of… died. So if I were to buy the weak version of death, what difference would that be to the normal version? It was a conundrum, but I eventually elected to buy the Moderate variation of the spell. I reasoned that a Kill spell is not something you really want to skimp on. If I bought the weak Kill spell only to find that it only made people die for a bit, I’d be mightily annoyed. Handing over the cash, I returned into what in Bravil passes for an exceptionally clear day.


I was eager to try out my Kill spell, but had sworn not to use violence on the innocent. Instead, I headed out into the wilderness in search for one of the abundance of caves around the world which contain treasure and whatnot. I had received a tip off, again from the same person who told me of the Kill spell, that there was a particularly fine cave near a settlement called Water’s Edge just south of Bravil. I started in that direction.

I soon found the cave, but was met with an unexpected sight. I was used to finding imps and whatnot in caves, but this particular cave was jam packed with fighting folk. Being the heroic type that I am, I hung back in the shadows while these fellows fought over whatever they were fighting over, and eventually there were just a couple left, which I picked off. After looting their bodies, I continued onwards, repeating the previous steps for each inhabited room until I reached something of a main cavern where apparently an all out war was going on.


Again, I simply waited until the fellows were finished before making my presence known and striking them down for whatever crime they had done. Murder, I guess, seeing as the ones I confronted were the victors of the battle. I didn’t spend too long pondering the etics of killing people for killing people, however, because I noticed some rather lovely looking chests sitting innocently on the floor of the battlefield. Given my great command of the lock pick skill, I set about opening them. After a short while, I had them open and was confronted with several thousand coins worth of loot – no small amount for someone just starting out. I even found some better boots and an axe which I elected to use in favour of my traditional crappy clobbering stick and guard boots. Plus the game didn’t claim that these were stolen.

The loot took several journeys back and forth to carry everything out, but my the end of it I had ammased a decent amount of gold, and was reassured in myself that being heroic was a viable business. All you had to do was twist what your idea of heroism is. Clearly those fellows in the cave were bad guys, but I can’t help but feel that they may have had a slightly better claim to the treasure than I did. Still, they can’t do much with it now, seeing as they’re all dead.


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