Left 4 Dead 2 News: Swamp Fever



Every so often we at the Thoughtshake feel the need to give some kind of coverage to current news in the video game world. It doesn’t happen often, but we realise that some people like to get their news from an obscure and poorly researched resource rather than one of the major gaming sites around. We appreciate that, but that in turn makes it hard for us to find stuff out without actually going to those big sites and getting the facts directly from them. Because we don’t get invited to the video games parties.

Anyway, Left 4 Dead 2 news has surfaced from Comic-Con – this time showing off a new campaign called Swamp Fever, and a new special infected called the Spitter. Continuing to walk the line between creepy and comical, the Spitter is an odd looking creature which spits toxic goo which hurts a lot should it hit a player, and once it hits the ground it stays there hurting anyone who crosses it again. This effectively means that the survivors will be unable to just hide in a closet shooting out, as the toxic goo will force them into the open, and possibly scatter them for the other infected to pick off.

It all sounds very good, and my faith remains in Valve to pull this off with similar success to Left For Dead 1. There are more pics of the Swamp and things at Planet Half-Life.


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