The Adventures of Captain Major in Oblivion – Part 2: Havok On The Highway



Previously, on The Adventures of Captain Major… A horse is stolen, a fish is beaten to death, some invisible folks are heard but not seen, then both heard and seen as Captain Major saves the day. The horse is named Speedo. Read it here. This is a kind of intermission between adventures, sadly, as nothing much happened. Why post it, you say? Be quiet, you.

Despite my victory at what people (well, me) were already calling the battle for Aleswell, I had come into something of an existential funk. Sure, I had saved an entire town from the minor annoyance of being invisible, but was was it all for? I had not received any kind of rewards thus far on my journeys, and to be honest the whole selfless hero thing really wasn’t my style. I needed some kind of payment for my troubles else it wouldn’t be worth it. I thought next time I would ask for the money up front.

For the moment, however, I was trotting along the roads between the Imperial City and the Southern areas of Bravil and Cheyawin (spelling?) in search of a powerful spell that I had heard was sold in one of the cities. Called simply “Kill”, I thought that it sounded like the kind of spell I could get a long with. Certainly the no nonsense naming appealed to me – none of that Eye of the Wolf bollocks here – If I want to kill stuff, I don’t have time to be looking at the effects of an obscurely named spell. Kill means kill. Anyway, I was heading to Bravil first simply because it was closest. However, it turned out that it was not to be that simple.


A couple of minutes down the road from Aleswell, I was suddenly ambused by a couple of Marauders who oddly seemed to think that killing Speedo, my black horse which was ‘liberated’ from the nearby stables, was a higher priority than even taking a cursory swing at myself. Having gotten off my horse (for as everyone knows, you can’t attack while on horseback…) I quietly beat the shit out of one of the marauders, who even at the point of their death failed to notice me in their rage against my horse. Unfortunately, while I was doing this, the other marauder had managed to do the job the other had died attempting – Speedo lay in an undignified heap on the grass, and finally the marauder turned to face me. I legged it.


Luckily, it would seem that both he and I had exactly the same top speed when running, so while I couldn’t leave him behind, I ccould keep just far enough ahead of him to stay away from his wild swings. I had been running for a couple of minutes when I saw an Imperial Guardsman approaching on a horse. As soon as he saw my strife, he dismounted and charged for the marauder. While both of them were distracted fighting each other, my eyes slowly drifted to the dismounted horse. It would be no Speedo, for whom I would mourn properly later, but an Imperial Guardsman’s horse is generally fairly tough and sturdy. I make sure the fighting duo are out of sight, and jump on the beast’s back.

I continued through the night, making fairly good time. I occasionally came across some wildlife, and the odd guardsman, who I went past quietly, hoping the fact I’m riding one of their horses wouldn’t strike them as odd. I needn’t have worried – it never did. Upon crossing a large bridge, I came across a highwayman who was bludgeoned to death without much trouble. I was beginning to think my adventures earlier were the most exciting thing that would happen to me. I was, pretty much right.


Barring a few wolves here and there, I reached Bravil without incident. It was still night when I arrived, and the mist was rolling in think and fast, but the place had a certain charm for me. I headed inside, confident that the next adventure would be greater.


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