The Adventures of Captain Major in Oblivion – Part 1: Is All Well In Aleswell?



Like many superheros, Captain Major’s origin is shrouded in the mists of time. Did he ride out of an Oblivion gate fully formed, with the head of an innocent bystander held aloft? Was he struck by a magical force when idly poking an Ayleid well? Or did he simply ransack a guard house in the Imperial City, and decide that tights and a cape were the way forward?

Perhaps we shall never know the true answer, for what is in the past is gone, and all that remains is Captain Major. Tasked by unknown forces to do good throughout the land, he strides forward with his trusty beating stick. Who dares stand in his way?

I should, before I begin, give you some kind of idea what these ‘diaries’ will concern, and how the setup is currently… set… up…

  • I am only running one mod – Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul – on Oblivion, but that one mod changes a hell of a lot. I won’t go through it all here, but you can check out the site if you want to find out more. I am also running the unofficial patches for Oblivion, Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine and the rest of the DLC.
  • My character is, as his appearance might suggest, a superhero. While that might not be impressive in the world of Oblivion, where every Johnny No-Name can shoot lightning out of their fingers, he very much holds to what he considers to be Superhero-ish behaviour. He cannot turn down a cry for help, or fight an unarmed person unless attacked first. He can break the law, however, because he’s seen The Dark Knight, and thinks that that’s how a real superhero should behave. He’s also very much in the superheroing business for himself, though, and he sees a way to save the day and still make a hefty profit, he’s going to take it. This also means that if he sees an unattended sword/helmet/horse/plate/apple, he’s also going to take that. It’s for the greater good, you understand.
  • Captain Major’s story begins after the Emperor has been killed, but before the Kvatch gate has been closed, for people wondering where in the game’s timeline this is. Captain’s adventures may take him along the main storyline, or they might not. We’ll see.


I stood at the waterfront in the Imperial City. I’d been waiting here for a representative of the Thieves’ Guild to turn up, but now all I could focus on was the fact that there was a horse standing on a fire in front of me, without a rider. I’d not had a horse so far in the game, and although this wouldn’t really be my horse, it would make getting places much faster. Giving up on the Thieves’ Guild as a lost cause, I cautiously edged towards the horse. There was nobody in sight, so I clambered onto it’s back. No shouts of indignation or accusations were heard, so I figured I’d gotten away with it. Very well, time to continue my quest for righteousness and good and whatnot. A couple of seconds later, I was dissatisfied. I know that one isn’t meant to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this was one exceedingly slow gift horse. Plus, I wasn’t going to look it in the mouth. No, I had a much better idea forming in the back of my mind. I started carefully trotting the horse around the outside of the city walls.

I was reaching the main entrance of the city when I came across my first task as a defender of some people and defier of other people – a Slaughterfish was terrorising the occupants of the stables situated outside the city, with it’s grotesque flopping about on dry land. The terrified people clearly were too shocked to run, as they wondered about ignoring the inhuman abomination. I quickly dismounted and drew my clobbering stick.


It wasn’t much of a fight, if I’m honest. I had the advantage of well maintained armour, a 5 foot wooden club with a metal bashing strip, and of course the ability to breathe air. Still, at least the onlookers would be impressed, right?

No. None of them even seemed to notice. Ah well, at least I now had a reason to do what I came over here with the intention to do. I ran after my horse, who was wandering away slowly, mounted it and galloped it into the stables with the rest of the horses. While nobody was looking, I quickly dismounted and mounted a new horse – a black horse. I was fairly sure nobody would notice, given the fact that nobody ever seemed to come and claim these horses anyway, so I quickly rode away from the Imperial City on my much faster new steed. They could think of it as my reward for saving them from that helpless fish, if they wanted.


I didn’t ride for long before I was hailed and asked for my help. I had just encountered a place called Aleswell which seemed deserted and had a rather nice looking vegetable patch in the open. Figuring I could never have too many vegetables, I started to dismount in the patch, when instead of getting off my horse, I started a conversation with the thin air. After a false start, the air explained to me that it was in fact a person who had been turned invisible. Now, I wasn’t usually one to trust what air told me, but this particular piece of air seemed sincere. It asked me to go and find a wizard who it suspected was behind the entire population of the village turning invisible. Now this was more like it! Wizards were almost synonymous with adventure in these parts, so I readily agreed to help them by looking for this wizard.

Hopping back onto my horse (which, by the magic of something called the ‘Console’, I renamed Speedo), I headed in the direction of a ruined castle. Everything about this adventure screamed excitement, so I made sure my clobbering stick was up to scratch with a repair hammer before arriving. Unfortunately, this sense of excitement was not to stay for long. Upon arrival at the old ruins, I was told to go away by another piece of air, and that it did not want to purchase anything I was selling. Be that as it may, I still felt I should investigate, and soon found the source of the noise. It was the wizard.


Although even now I don’t really believe he was a proper wizard. After all, he didn’t attempt to curse me, or even strike me with lightning. What he did do was readily hand over a spell of ‘Reverse Invisibility’  and tell me to go back and make everybody normal. I was enjoying this quest less and less each minute. It was beginning to feel like I had been fooled into accepting a delivery quest by the use of words like ‘Wizard’. Things went from bad to worse when I returned to the outside of the castle and found that Speedo had wandered off. Sighing, I trudged back to Aleswell and cast the spell of Reverse Invisibility and was duly thanked by the population. The local inn keeper told me I could stay in his shithole whenever I wanted, free of charge, as if I would ever want to. Dismissing them all as idiots, I started walking back to the Imperial City to nick another horse when I came across Speedo going in the same direction. I quickly jumped on his back and started heading North – the direction of… adventure.


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