Seed of Destruction

Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this

Everybody has enemies, and everybody has fantasies about punching those enemies in the face. My personal fantasy is to ride a giant sperm and crush my enemies like a pancake. Alas these are simply just that – fantasies. That is, until today! Seed of Destruction is an incredibly fun and addictive little flash game consisting of riding an over-sized ejaculatory entity which crushes people, planes and tanks. It is presented in a sexy hand-drawn style and really pulls out all the stops with videos between each stages and cheerily drawn tutorials. There is a surprising amount of depth as well with the ability to whack projectiles away from yourself and into the path of the various things sent to kill you, all of which take a different approach. It also has unlockable minigames!

If you’ve nothing to do for a few minutes, check out Seed of Destruction.


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