NEOTOKYO° Half-Life 2 Mod Released



I’m a couple of days late with this, but of course with things like this it’s much better late than never. NEOTOKYO° has been one of my most highly anticipated Half-Life 2 mods for quite a while now, behind only things like the fabled Black Mesa: Source, so it’s with great joy that I bring the news that it has finally been released. I’m afraid that I’ve not played it yet, so I can’t vouch for the gameplay, but it looks incredible and sounds like once you get the hand of the tactical gameplay it’ll be a blast. The mod is a tactical multiplayer game, with plenty of maps, weapons, night vision, thermal vision etc, so if you’re an arcade type this might not be for you. Everyone else (and those who are doubtful) should give it a go though. You can read more about the mod on the teams’ website or ModDB page, the latter containing download links.


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