Win! Steam Games Worth £40!

As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

As you can see, we are the kings of exciting banners.

Ever wished that somebody would offer to buy you games from every-body’s favourite digital distribution platform? Ever thought that it would be neat if you could ‘compete’ against others to ‘win’ that ‘prize’? We’re introducing a novel idea called a ‘competition’ in which one lucky person who cares to enter (that’s UK, US and anywhere else that Steam operates) can win up to £40 of games from Steam.

This can be a single game, a couple, or a whole pack – as long as the total is under £40 in the UK store. Given the difference in pricing that Steam now employs in different regions, we can’t say for certain what this equates to for US or Euro pricing, but aim for about $66 or €47, and we’ll negotiate with you should you win. Oh, and now that I think of it, perhaps you should be told exactly how you can win…

Basically, we here at The Thoughtshake are all about the stories that can be told by gaming. Not the crappy, often overly melodramatic and blindingly stupid plots in games, but rather the stories you make in a game yourself – stretching the boundaries of what you can do in a game and making a more personal experience for yourself. Well, we want to hear them, or see them through interpretive dance, or hear them in a song, or see them plastered on the side of a building – anything you can think of to present your story to us. We’ll be judging entries not only on the content but also on the delivery. I say we, because all four of us at The Thoughtshake will be judging the entries and unfortunately there is only one prize.

So – present us with your best in-game tale of wonder in as unique a way as possible, and you can win almost 20 games (going by the cheapest games on Steam), or whatever you want! Just send your entries, or a link to your entries, to with the subject line as ‘I Want To Win Games, Please‘ or something to that effect, to distinguish it from the thousands of adoring emails from fans we don’t receive. Also, send us fan mail. It won’t help your chances, but it’ll make us feel good. Also, make sure you email from an address you check fairly regularly, as if we award you the prize and don’t hear from you after we email you, we might give it to someone else.

The competition deadline is 31st July 2009 at 12 Midnight, GMT, and I’m afraid there is only one winner, although should a runner up be so awesome we can’t let it pass without a prize, we’ll think of something.

Terms and Conditions

  • In the somewhat likely event that we only get one or two entrants, we’ll probably still choose a winner and get them a game, but we’ll limit it to £10 seeing as you didn’t have to work really hard to win.
  • When emailing your entry, it would be helpful if you mention what you want from Steam in case you win, but we will hunt you down and ask if you don’t tell us.
  • Flattery won’t help your chances, but it won’t hurt either. We like kind words.
  • Try not to choose a game like Ghostbusters or something which has been released in the USA but not over here in the UK, as we’ll not be able to buy it for you. Well, you can choose something like that, but you’ll have to wait until it comes out over here before you can get it.
  • We accept no responsibility for people defacing buildings. It was a joke (but if you get permission from the wall/wall-owner first, go right ahead).
  • The competition will run for a month, ending on July 31st, so you have plenty of time to make something awesome. Don’t just sling some words together and put it out there. That kind of thing is what I do, and you’d be cramping my style.
  • You can enter as many times as you want, so if you think of something better than your first entry, feel free to email it to us. You’ll have to decide which you want to be marked though, as we’ll only judge one entry from each person.
  • We can’t promise to be logical, sensible or even sane when deciding a winner. It very much depends on what we’ve drunk.
  • Upon winning, we will email the winner asking for their Steam username. Do not send us your Steam username with your entry unless you’re dying to be friends with us, and even if that’s the case, you should just join the Steam Group.

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3 Responses to “Win! Steam Games Worth £40!”

  1. Rustvaar Says:

    I would like to point out, upon judging entries I will endeavour to be drunk, simply for the purpose of a good laugh.

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