Grand Theft Ordinary – Day 2



This is the continuing nonadventures of my experiences in Grand Theft Auto IV, following what I vaguely understand to be the law, and attempting to stay out of trouble. The day before this can be found here.

It’s only day two of my law-abiding life, and I’m already thankful that I didn’t set any kind of limit like “I’m going to try to live  legally for a week/10 days”. Abiding the law in Liberty City is a lot harder than breaking it, and even when you’re best intentions are in play, something can still go terribly wrong. For, even when your killing days have been put behind you, and you forge forward into a brighter future free of the dark underworld found in Liberty City, death has a habit of following you…

I woke on my second day a little later than the day before – I figured I already had a job in the bag, and Roman was stunningly lax when it comes to me working for him. As a result, I counted my blessings and had a bit of a sleep in. When I did eventually get up, I had a taxi parked outside the apartment so that I could get straight on with the day’s work. I quickly gave Roman a ring and got on the road, heading off to pick up the first fare of the day.


I hit particularly heavy traffic on the way, meaning that all the rage of the previous day flooded immediately back, and this time there was no despondent loser stuck in the rain for me to feel sorry for. It was a nice day, the birds were singing, the radio was blaring some decent music, and I was fucking stuck in a huge queue of traffic AGAIN. The heavy traffic continued pretty much all the way to my fare, only abating for a few moments when a policeman helpfully took up the entire road bringing a suspect to justice. I’m glad to see that they’re doing their jobs, but by this time it had taken me over twice the time I was anticipating it would take me to arrive to pick up my customer, and I was getting aggravated.

Anyway, I finally managed to get to the customer without any major nervous breakdowns, and the traffic on the way back was marginally lighter, which was enough to placate me for the time being. Not thinking about very much, I reached the bridge back to the first island in good time, and unconciously put my foot on the accelerator a tiny bit too quickly. I was easily still in the speed limits, if the other cars were anything to go by, but the sudden increase in speed caught me unawares and I clipped the side of the bridge.


Before I knew what was happening, the car was flipping onto its roof, somehow gaining enough momentum from the tiny collision to turn completely over and come to a halt in the middle of the road on the bridge. For a moment, I sat in the car still, stunned. My day had just changed from a mundane journey of toil, to a disaster in all of five seconds. I then gathered my thoughts and started clambering out of the car. I didn’t seem hurt, and my passenger was climbing out without difficulty either. I stood for a moment in the middle of the bridge, wondering what to do. In the end, I got my phone out to ring Roman. As I told him of what happened, I was idly watching my passenger attempting to get off the bridge by running towards oncoming traffic. Unfortunately for him, Liberty City traffic seem to see this kind of thing as a sport, and soon his body cartwheeled into the air, and just like that Death had returned to my life.

I was devastated. I had gone from perfectly normal taxi driver to an unwilling accomplice to manslaughter, in the space of a morning. I got my phone out to call the police, who quickly arrived but seemed woefully under equipped to do anything about either the body or the car. After milling around a bit, they left again looking bemused. I decided I’d had enough, and was taking the rest of the day off. Roman wouldn’t give me a lift in a taxi, so I walked home. It started raining.

Rather stupidly, I continued playing the actual missions in GTA when I wasn’t playing for these entries. As a result, I went too far into the game and ended up [SPOILER] with my apartment and the taxi company burning down, meaning that the next day will have some continuity issues. Just roll with it.


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  1. Little Green Man Says:

    Oh man, you’re screwed now.

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