Lights out, Guerrilla radio.


Red Faction Guerilla

Well it’s about time La Revolución started back up, with all the legend and lore surrounding the messianic Parker, the Martians have taken a long time in instigating yet another revolutionary war against the evil bastardism of the Earth Defence Force. Red Faction introduced us to the exciting GeoMod technology; blow up walls, surprise the enemy, dig massive silly bugger tunnels through Mars – Red Faction Guerilla is about to serve up a nice hot plate of familiarity as they offer the chance to steamroll pretty much anything in your line of sight. Well, it seems you’ve got my attention …

The only thing that’s worrying me about the upcoming Red Faction title, aside from the fact I’ll hate the lead character because he’s not Parker, is that it’ll smack of yet another ‘find-your-own-route’ sandbox style game with no real direction unless you specifically go and find it; you know, like Grand Theft Auto but much less fun and set on Mars. Two games spring to mind for me that fall into this category of finding your own way – Just Cause and Far Cry 2, and as far as I’m concerned both of these games were tremendously awful for the sole reason that you were dumped in some vague location and had to start finding out things, going places, missing huge chunks of important information because you didn’t go places and overall not really connecting with any of the characters in the story.

Now, you might be sitting fuming that I’m going to let Grand Thef Auto off the hook, but that’s because I’m a huge fan of the series and also because the developers do an amazing job of easing you into the story, giving you a little guidance as to where to go and who to talk to, then eventually it becomes as smooth as watching a movie. I dread to think that Red Faction Guerilla sends me out on my insane mission to destory the EDF and then I start getting bounced between rebel leaders being told “Sorry, we don’t have anything for you – come back later!” or being asked “Hmm, perhaps you could knock down EDF Barracks in the Southern Region?” thirty times over, before I realise it’s a side mission and not at all important to the story.

I want Red Faction Guerilla to be good, I’ve played the demo on PS3 and while I’m now a very sloppy console gamer it was still missing something, don’t get me wrong; it was fun – but somehow I just get the impression that I’m going to wind up sick to the back teeth of annoying characters and the gimmick (and yes, it is a gimmick) of GeoMod 2.0 will wear off a little too soon.

I cross my fingers and hold my breath that our new hero, Alec Mason can make a good impression on the Red Faction storyline, but that said, anything’s going to be better than that wanker Alias from Red Faction 2.

(Update: After watching some of the videos available for Red Faction Guerilla, my heart sinks – it just seems a little off centre of what I remembered Red Faction to be)


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One Response to “Lights out, Guerrilla radio.”

  1. ad_hominem Says:

    I only ever played the original Red Faction, and I remember it being good fun. Hopefully this’ll prove to be a fun diversion, if not a hugely compelling game.

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