The Thoughtshake Post-Battle Carnage Report Spectacular: Issue 2



Another week gone by, and another Thoughtshake battle commenced. This time, the teams were mixed up to avoid a humiliating defeat like last time, with the blog staff spread over the two teams evenly. The game was Left 4 Dead Versus again, which meant that once again the teams filled up fairly quickly (we have a plan for this to be announced very shortly), with Me, Slappybag, Rustvaar and Ninja all making an appearance (of varying lengths for some of us) alongside Erik, Fiszy, Marnamai, Surfa and Sander. It was a game well played, but who won?

We did. I realised that’s not exactly helpful when you don’t know what the teams were, so let me elaborate. Me, Slappy, Surfa and Sander played against Rustvaar/Ninja (one joined as the other left), Erik, Fiszy and Marnamai. The final score was 4583 – 2125, which while looking impressive for our team doesn’t really convey the fairly even teams we had going. It was a battle well fought, and thank you to everyone who came along to play.

If you fancy playing us in one of these weekly games, join the Thoughtshake Steam Group, which will tell you when exactly each match is, and what game we’re playing. Next week won’t be Left 4 Dead, due to the annoying player number constraints, but following this post will be another post explaining a bit more about that.


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