And Yet Its Pirated


The indie platformer, And Yet It Moves’s, developer Felix Bohatsch has claimed recently in an interview with Gamer Limit claimed that the piracy rate has hit an all time high of 95.5%.

“We currently have a bootlegging rate from approximately 95.5% which basically means for every game we sell there are 22 cracked version being played.”

Piracy and DRM are common topics these days and are large challenges for developers and publishers. Many indie developers choose not to have any DRM and that the price and convenience that things such as Steam offer will carry it through. Read the full interview for more on And Yet It Moves.

Though I’ve yet to play it myself, everything I’ve heard is that its a brilliant little platformer with some interesting elements and fun art design. Its currently goes for £9.99 on Steam. There is also a short demo available.


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