Killing Floor – A Co-op Survival Horror Game That Is Not Left 4 Dead



Poor Killing Floor. What with Left 4 Dead already being available, it’s inevitable that some comparisons will be drawn between the two. On top of this, Tripwire Interactive (creators of Red Orchestra) are releasing it on Steam where it’s all too obvious that the similarities between the two games will put some people off purchasing this (cheaper) alternative. However, I thought it might be a good idea to look at exactly why Killing Floor might be worth a purchase…

Top 10 Reasons Why Killing Floor Might Be Better Than Left 4 Dead, Or At Least Worth A Look As Well

  1. It’s set in England – Everyone knows that England is the place to be if a zombie outbreak occurs. We have lovely countryside, unique historical landmarks, and we’re surrounded by water.
  2. It’s for 6 players – A major quibble many people had with Left 4 Dead was that it only catered for 4 players. Killing Floor is designed for up to 6 players, which means you can have 1.5x the fun of Left 4 Dead. It’s science.
  3. It comes with an SDK from release – Take that, Valve. While Left 4 Dead is still without a level editor months after release, Killing Floor will come with it from the off.
  4. Character building – The more you play, the more things you can earn for your character. While Left 4 Dead was very much designed as each time you play you start from the beginning again, Killing Floor looks like it will let you gain new skills and attributes throughout.
  5. Open areas – The game apparently has large open areas so that players can decide where to fight and how to fight. This should make a nice change from Left 4 Dead’s more linear routes.
  6. Over 12 weapons – While I never had a problem with Left 4 Dead’s 7 gun approach, many players were dissappointed at the choice. Killing Floor rectifies this by adding plenty of guns into the game, including a flamethrower.
  7. The zombies can shoot back – Killing Floor has some kind of backstory where the zombies are the result of some kind of experiment or other. Ultimately, what this means is that they retained the ability to operate guns, and therefore will be using said ability against you.
  8. Weld the door shut – You can help your chances for survival by welding doors shut behind you to slow the enemies down.
  9. There are slow-motion deaths – ’nuff said really. Everything is improved by slow motion.
  10. It’s cheaper.

Killing Floor comes out on Steam tomorrow, and Slappybag and I will be conducting a joint review of the game soon after that. Obviously this list is just observation – I’ve not played it yet, so what I’ve written here might be underwhelming or poorly implemented, but don’t just write the game off because you already have Left 4 Dead. After all, this could be Tripwire Interactive’s Red Orchestra to Valve’s Day of Defeat.


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