The adventures of Ninja in EVE Online – Part 1


Hi, I’m Ninja and I should have written something for this blog a long, long time ago but I was busy being far too lazy. However, after a week of bad weather being confined to my laptop, I was soon bored enough to try anything (and obviously Steam was the first place I went). In the demos section, I found EVE Online offering a 21 day trial, and what with the new star trek film out and nothing to loose, I thought ‘What the hell, it couldn’t hurt to try something new. Here goes.’

Captain’s Log – Star date 10th March  2009:

EVE – the massively multiplayer final frontier. These are the voyages of the blog ship Thoughtshake on her 21 day mission to explore its features, seek out new ways to enjoy my Internet connection and find out if its worth a monthly fee, to boldly go where no blog (that I’ve read) has gone before. This, my first post on The Thoughtshake, looks at the massively multiplayer behemoth that is CCP’s EVE Online and my experiences as a first time star pilot. Enjoy.

Upon entering the game world I was confronted with a character creation screen. I immediately proceeded to create the most disturbing creature I could with the limited supply of useless feature sliders, futuristic clothes, silly backgrounds and frankly disturbing hairstyles. Needless to say I came up with a positively paedophilic Han Solo:

I wish i was this good looking.

I was a ruthless capitalist, hell bent on making the most money I could from the sale of goods on the inter-stellar markets. I’m not sure how I’ll make this money as of yet but I’m sure it will be mine soon. I clicked the small logo of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, and my career as a star ship captain had begun.

Looking around my space ship, a small grey hulk with a few turret type appendages, there were a few nearby asteroids and a small red dot.  Ignoring the blinking tutorial I proceeded to target what I assumed to be the enemy. Lock achieved. The cannon on my ship opened up ripping into the side of the Beast.

His shields Collapsed under the terrifying bombardment of my (laser?) cannon, a huge explosion rocked the area, the enemy has succumbed to my intense firepower. I was so overly satisfied with pressing three buttons and getting a gigantic explosion and loot in return, Christmas had come early and it had brought me a shield booster. As of the moment I am oblivious to how awfully low level this item might be so this simple task felt like a monumental victory and as soon as I can find out how to add my new shield booster 1 to my ship I will.

My quarrel.

I relaxed for a moment after killing my first adversary, taking in the beauty of the void around me. In my immediate vicinity a small derelict looking mining colony hides in the depths of a vast asteroid while smaller chunks of brown desolate rock float around it. Far away across the hollow gulf, only interrupted by a brilliant shining star, my systems tell me of numerous Star Gates and space stations. These will have to wait.

The ships sensors had picked up two “petty thieves” at a range of 39 km, not one to judge a book by its cover, I locked on and started my journey towards them for a closer look. How could my sensors know that these ships were petty thieves? However, finger hovering over the shoot button I slowly crept closer. My mind flashed wondering if these thieves would be more powerful than the training bot. What if they put up more of a fight?  I had just received my new ship and didn’t want to risk scratching the paint work.

Once I was within what I judged to be a reasonable cannon range I threw all caution to the solar wind. I took the risk. Trusting my sensors pre-judgment I began hailing down a barrage of laser fire upon the closer of the two unsuspecting ships. They returned fire in an instant, red beams of light streaked across the gulf. Thankfully their rounds bounced over my sturdy shields doing very little damage. My blind gamble had paid off. Two well received explosions later I was once again alone in my little universe around the mining colony.

With the unlucky hostiles dispatched I began to investigate my beautiful surroundings again. The closest thing to I could find was an asteroid made from Veldspar, I decided it might be interesting to mine some,  thinking that if I can gather a little of the mineral someone will buy it. right? With a cargo hold full of Veldspar I began to look for a space station that might offer me the ability to try and sell the loot and minerals I had amassed.

The ships mining laser blasts chunks of Vespar off the asteroid.

The Ships computer showed the nearest space station to be a few AU away, not entirely sure how the inhabitants of this strange far away galaxy know the distance from the Earth to Sol, or why they used it as their unit of distance I entered warp. The solar system whizzed by in a blur as my ship accelerated to a blindingly quick speed. A short time later I was yanked out of warp speed suddenly to find myself amongst other pilots and their ships amassing around a gigantic structure hanging in the orbit of a nearby moon.

Opening my com channel with a simple right click I requested permission to dock with the Space station. Inside I was tipped off that my precious cargo hold full to the brim with nuggets of veldspar could be refined into Tritanium and sold on. I dutifully obliged and processed my hard earned minerals at the stations reprocessing plant. With my now, hopefully more valuable Tritanium I went to Market.

Upon entering the market I was stunned, everything you could imagine was on sale here; ships, guns, ammunition, upgrades and blueprints. On the advice of the tutorial I checked up on market trends to find what other pilots had been spending on Tritanium, Things were looking good, the average price paid by other players was on the rise. More than a little impressed at this virtual economy and the market data it provided me with I decided to sell. Using the advanced options I adjusted the price per unit of my product to bring it in line with the system average price. Fingers crossed some fool will buy.

The space station I visited.

A hard days work was complete. Before logging off for a well earned cuppa from the monolithic space stations canteen, I turned my hyperbolic attentions to the art skills training; surprised at the simplicity of it all, I stacked up my next 24 hours of training. Even while logged off Lord Ninja of the star ship Thoughtshake will be levelling away, learning new things like engineering. I assume these skills will help me in the future but as of now I will lock my ship in the stations hanger and put my feet up.


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