Looks Good On Paper (Moon)


papermoon1 Flashbang Studios, those of Offroad Velociraptor Safari and Minotaur Chinashop (which just now I’m realising I’ve not mentioned on the blog before), have released their next free-to-play game on their website, Blurst. Blurst offers in-browser gaming, so there’ll be no dowloading other than the web player required to make all their games work. Anyway, their new game goes by the name of Paper Moon, and features some pretty nifty platforming action…

While on paper (hah!) it might look like a standard platforming game, it just wouldn’t be a Flashbang game without a twist. Sure enough, the world you play in is on a simple 2D plane, but there are platforms in the background which you need to reach to progress. As a result, whenever you reach such a place you need to hit the space button, which changes whether the platforms are in the background, or on the same plane as your character. While this might sound fairly easy, not all obstacles start in the background, and so when you hit space they are removed from the plane you can walk on. As a result, you must flip back and forth between the obstacles in order to keep moving forward. Often you’ll find yourself hitting space in mid air after jumping from an obstacle to another than isn’t on your plane in the first place. papermoon2 Needless to say it can get a bit confusing, but it’s a neat twist that will keep you playing for a bit longer than you would were it a straight platformer. It also has a cool aesthetic style, which is what drew me to it in the first palce, with the character having a suprising number of facial expressions for a platformer. You can find it on Blurst.


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