The Violent Ones – A Mod With A Difference


Cruising through ModDB for my alternate duty as a news poster over at Interlopers, I came across the interesting project The Violent Ones, developed by one Donkey81. While still in early days, the mod is presenting itself in a profoundly different way to any other Source mod I’ve come across to date, and for that alone it is worthy of a mention. Here’s a quote from the man (or should that be donkey) himself:

The Violent Ones is a very short interactive experience.  I’m tentative about calling it “a game,” as I don’t want to mislead people.  There are certainly game-like elements, including a couple of rather traditional sections, but meeting challenge criteria or even “having fun” aren’t particular goals.

While it is obviously too early to tell, this mod looks like it could be the breath of fresh air we’ve been waiting for the modding community, and certainly the art direction looks set to achieve that at least. Keep an eye on it. You can find screenshots after the break.




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