Brütal Legend Art – A Summary Of The GDC ’09 Talk


Once again, for a reason I cannot quite understand, I have been overlooked for an invitation to GDC, or the Game Developer’s Conference. It is at this most magical of places that game developers meet up to talk about game design, listen to other people talking about game design, or drink far too much. As a kind of consolation from the blatant mistake that my absence from the proceedings obviously was, Kotaku have written up a summary of one of the more interesting (to me) talks in the 3 (or 4, I’m not entirely sure) day conference – The art of Brütal Legend.

Given that Mr. Tim Schafer worked two of the games I would award as having the best art direction in video games, I’m understandably excited about this upcoming game of his (and obviously everyone else at Double Fine). Now, go – read the Kotaku article and get on the bandwagon before it gets too crowded and uncool. Also, check out this gallery also on Kotaku for some glimpses at concept art from the game. Brilliant stuff.


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