Mightier Than The Sword: Mightier Arrives On Steam



An odd free game/demo arrived on Steam today. It’s a platformer where you have to… You print and… Maybe it’s best explained by the Steam description:

Step away from the computer!

Welcome to Mightier, the action puzzler that pulls you away from the screen to solve puzzles by hand with pencil and paper.

Using a color printer and web camera, the game prints puzzle pages for you to draw on, then captures the results when you’re done.

From your drawings, Mightier constructs a landscape and characters for a fun and engaging 3d platformer.

Drawing by hand is a lot more fun, but the game also supports mouse drawing for those without a printer, webcam, or spare paper.

Product description

Mightier is an independent puzzle action game developed by Lucas Pope and Keiko Ishizaka.

Play as the Engineer and the Actionaut to solve puzzles and collect items in each sector.

Key features
Puzzle, action gameplay. Webcam and printer integration.

So, yes. It’s a platformer that essentially takes your drawings and integrates it into the level itself, allowing you to solve the puzzles that are pre-set in each ‘sector’. In any case, it’s a pretty standard platformer with the added gimmick of drawing. This applies to items you collect (such as jetpacks) and your character itself. This kind of thing is better said with pictures, I think, so you can find my screenshots in full on Flickr, but have a gander at the couple below.





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One Response to “Mightier Than The Sword: Mightier Arrives On Steam”

  1. puhnkss Says:

    Cooooooooooooooool Thanks for turning me on to this. Unfortunately I don’t have a webcam so I can’t get the most out of the experience but I will still try this.

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