Dissecting The Scout Update


Valve, the purveyors of all things Team Fortress 2, have been slowly dripfeeding us with information about the forthcoming Scout update, releasing a new piece of information each day (not including the weekend). However, they’ve also sneakily thrown a couple of hints out way on what to expect in the latest of those little updates – the Bonk! Energy Drink unlockable. Aside from the obvious details about the drink, the page also features a couple of interesting features.

First, the background shows what is clearly two tracks side by side, one red and one blue. This could quite easily be the new game mode they’ve been hinting at – a variant on the cart-pushing action of Goldrush and the like. If so, it would mean that teams would both be on the offensive, trying to race the other team with their cart to the finish line. The close proximity of the tracks in the background image hints at a direct competition between the two, rather than having them further apart and leaving it up to the teams to decide whether to focus on pushing their cart or stopping the other team from pushing theirs.

Secondly, the scout in the background image seems to be holding a variant of the scattergun – it’s looks to be shorter, with wider barrels. On top of this, there are rumours circulating that the Russian set of the acheivements have their descriptions (presumably accidentally) included – featuring one for you killing yourself from the recoil of a ‘double barreled shotgun’. These rumours are obviously unconfirmed, but it looks as if we might know what our new unlockable gun is going to be.


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