Zeno Clash Interview – Part Two


Part two of Moddb’s interview with upcoming source-based game (and in no way a mod) Zeno Clash has been posted on their site. To celebrate, here’s a complimentary quote from it:

We have a great amount of characters, animals and weird “beings” in our game. A diverse world had to be populated with a diversity of creatures. We’ve put a lot of effort in making sure that players are continuously encountering new characters. In a fighting game it’s important that your adversaries feel like they have their own personality, not that they’re just another monster from a monster gallery. All of our characters have distinctive sounds, taunts and facial expressions that set them apart from each other.

I’ve played many games with very well developed characters that are great to encounter, but some of these games populate their worlds with very little diversity of characters. We wanted to make sure that the novelty and diversity of the art applied to both the environments and the characters. In Zeno Clash you’ll meet a lot of new faces to fight. I can’t say how much, but there are a lot of creatures for the size of the game.

Find the interview here.


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2 Responses to “ Zeno Clash Interview – Part Two”

  1. SlappyBag Says:

    I thought Zeno Clash was a full on game just using the Source Engine? RPS are covering it =S

    Also, love the blog man =)

    • ad_hominem Says:

      Yep, my mistake, I was aware of it being a full game, bust have been a lapse of concentration… I’ll fix that now. Cheers!

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