Wonderfully Named Robokill


Once again I find myself playing catch up to Rock, Paper, Shotgun as I encourage you to go and play a recommendation of theirs called Robokill. Simply put, it’s a flash game involving both robots and killing. If you believe that robots can truly be killed, that is, not simply deactivated or destroyed. If you do partake in this line of thinking, Robokill might well be for you. For others, if you can imagine such a world where robots are really alive, and therefore able to be killed, you might be able to find something fun about the game too.

robokill1The free version is only 4 levels, ut if you enjoy it enough there is an option to unlock the full game for a moderate sum of $9.95. It’s best to see if you enjoy it before throwing down that kind of cash though, so go, play, and kill some of those damned robots for me.


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