Indie Round-up


It looks as if it might be a bit of a slow day for The ThoughtShake, what with all the troublesome real world stuff happening. However, to tide you over until I have something poignant and life-changing to say, I’ll link a couple of indie games that I enjoyed.


First, The Unfinished Swan. This is a first person paint-em-up, taking place in an entirely white world. As a result, you need to splatter black paint around to see where you’re going. A clever dynamic for a game, but that’s all it is. A proof of concept, if you will. You can find it here.

Next, a game by the name of Carrion Reanimating. I’ve yet to play this, but apparently it includes bringing dead bodies back to life to pacify their relatives. I’ve downloaded it, and will have a proper thought-words post if it warrents it when I’ve the time. You can find it here.

Finally, a nice diversion (well, not nice) in the form of Pandemic 2 – a game where you create your own disease, and upgrade it to attempt to wipe out as  much of the Earth’s population as possible. Great fun, and relaitve replayability. Find it here.

I fear that may well be it for me today, as revision is needed for an exam tomorrow. However, I’ve got some ideas forming in my mind for the next few days, so don’t despair too much.


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