Quake Live: Beta Impressions


It’s a pity they didn’t call this new in-browser Quake Online, because then it would give me the chance to make a witty remark like “Quake Online? More like Quake Offline!”, then laugh heartily with the friends I wish I had. Because, you see, I was fully intending to bring you a decent sized report on how the classic online shooter Quake III Arena was being brought back to the internets, and how the use of in-browser gaming had developed. Instead, I have this screen to show you:

2Or, alternatively, this one:


Yep, the beta didn’t work in Firefox or Internet Explorer, despite numerous re-installs and jiggery-pokery.  So, instead of talking about the game, I’m reduced to commenting on the web design. Admittedly, it is quite nice, and allowed me to at least choose to be Bones (by far the best character in Q3A) before crashing. Still, it’s not quite the real thing.

I assume it must be working for some people, otherwise there would be some serious outrage, so I guess I’ll go into the forums and check out why it isn’t working for me. For now, though, I leave you with the image of the character selection screen:


Oh, and the reason I haven’t linked to the beta is that it’s currently closed. However, you can sign up here to be in with the chance of joining the crowds of people staring at a character selection screen.


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