Gravity Bone-d


What with an exam looming on my horizon and the celebration that is Winter-Een-Mas getting into full swing, I thought I’d do a quick post here about Gravity Bone – an indie game with a touch of assassinations, platforming, photography and a whole lot of stylistic art. Definitely worth checking out – you can find it here.


In a  world where everyone is square, you must follow instructions given to you on cards using the tools given to you, be that poison the red-haired gentleman, or to take photos of birds. I don’t want to say too much about the game, but I really do recommend it to folks who like their free games clever and very polished. There are more pictures on my flickr account, however.



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  1. Get Lost - The Path « The ThoughtShake Says:

    […] the game, presented more as interactive art than a game. This, as you might have gathered from my previous posts, is something I’m very interested in when talking about games. I’ve yet to play […]

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