FEAR 2 – Demo Impressions


What with giving up on speed running through Mirror’s Edge for a bit, after a particularly long period of falling off buildings at inopportune times (and is there really an opportune time to fall off a building?), I thought’s I’d visit the Xbox 360 marketplace to see if there were any new and exciting demos to be tried. Well, there weren’t. Instead, there was the new FEAR 2 demo, alongside the Skate 2 demo. Both admittedly held promise due to the previous games in the series, but neither were games I was planning on buying when they came out. However, given that they were free, I was bored, and it was past midnight with me wide awake, I decided to give them a go . First up: FEAR 2.

This is Alma. You'll be seeing a lot of her.

This is Alma. You'll be seeing a lot of her.

Upon loading the game, it became quite clear that this was going to take the less subtle horror route of throwing scary things full force at you , rather than creating any kind of pacing. As a result, I was quite thrown pretty much all the time where I was expecting a quiet moment with maybe some charred body overtones, the game would present a large number of random soldier types which seemingly had nothing to do with the rest of the story (‘the story’ being a small description on the loading screen about an explosion).

There she is again.

There she is again.

In any case, I started the demo, woke up to see a destroyed helicopter next to me and within maybe a minute I was shooting things as normal. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of things that were seemingly intended to scare me, and it’s not even that they were unsuccessful in that capacity – there were moments when I did genuinely jump – but it did seem as if it were just doing things that Doom 3 did fairly more effectively quite a few years ago.

It's actually quite hard to find screenshots without her in them...

It's actually quite hard to find screenshots without her in them...

Sure, the graphics are much prettier than Doom 3, and the effects are that much more… effective… but that’s about it. Maybe if I’d have played the original FEAR I would have noticed more about the game world, but to me it didn’t seem like anything special.

I’d welcome the rest of the game to prove me wrong though.


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3 Responses to “FEAR 2 – Demo Impressions”

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  2. Mobius Says:

    I also didn’t find anything too impressive after playing the demo. Its nice, but not nice enough that its worth buying brand new. Why not give the original FEAR a try? Its pretty cheap these days even for the original game plus the expansion

    • ad_hominem Says:

      I was thinking that myself after playing the demo, once I’ve gotten the last few months of big releases out of my system, I’ll definitely give it a look.

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