Zeno Clash Interview


One of the most exciting looking games in the next few months is undoubtedly Zeno Clash. The source-based game features an art direction so different to pretty much everything else that is has made its way into the IGF Finalists list for Excellence In Visual Art – the catagory that is, for me, the most exciting.

Zeno ClashAs you can see, it doesn’t exactly fit the norm of games art. In any case, Moddb have recently conducted an interview with the team behind the game, including where they go their influences from:

At ACE Team we’re very interested in other mediums that are not necessarily related with video games. Many studios seem to get inspiration from alike products, like other games or related films. Why not look further away and look into sixteen century painters like Hieronymus Bosch? There was a huge amount of inspiration to get from his fabulous and unsettling paintings. We also looked a lot at John Blanche’s illustrations. We love the surreal qualities of his fantasy work, where he presents characters and environments that aren’t the typical ones you tend to see in other fantasy worlds that are generally similar and seem to be inspired by JRR Tolkien’s books. Finally, The Dark Crystal movie, a very strange but beautiful film made with puppets, also comes to mind when thinking about the inspirations behind Zeno Clash.

You can read the whole first part of the interview here, and look out for Zeno Clash when it arrives in March 2009.


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