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August 20, 2009 by

As of this post, the wordpress hosting days of this blog are over. You’ll want to be heading over to if you’re still getting this post, and the hosting is all over there now. Fancy new things await over there, while this free blog will stop being updated.


Some Possible Disruptions Headed This Way

August 19, 2009 by

Just a heads up – the website may be acting weirdly for a little while as we conduct a massive update from the free wordpress system to a brand spanking new hosting option. Bare with us.

Dust 514 – Eve Online for Consoles

August 18, 2009 by

Dust 514

CCP have announced today a new Eve Online related project; Dust 514. The information we have so far is that it will be primarily a console release, includes FPS, RTS and MMO mechanics and interacts directly with the PC spearhead – Eve Online.

The Kotaku news post attached the following images:



The interesting part is the direct interaction with Eve Online, maybe this has something to do with the Walking in Stations ongoing development? The above pictures sure could point to that. Read the article for more, all will be revealed officially at CCPs fan-fest in October.

Update: I found this;

Championship Manager 2010 for Pennies or Pounds. It’s Your Choice.

August 18, 2009 by

In a rather spectacularly brave move, the people behind football-managing PC game Championship Manager are allowing people preordering the game to choose the price they would like to pay, from as little as a penny, for the new 2010 iteration. There is a non-optional surcharge of £2.50 which goes on top of the price you choose, but that still means that if you’re feeling stingy but in the mood for some brand new football type gaming you can preorder the new game (which will come out on 11th September) for as little as £2.51 all told. Seeing as the game will retail at £29.99, I think most people will agree it’s a pretty decent deal.

Thoughtshake Merchandise Now Available

August 15, 2009 by


Ever stare longingly at our fabulous banner, and wish you could have a similar, higher resolution, image plastered across your chest in the form of a T-shirt? Well, you’re in luck. Alongside a stellar line up of random designs I’ve thrown on a t-shirt, you can buy the official Thoughtshake T-Shirt. All proceeds are going straight into my pocket, and by extension into this site by giving me the money to keep buying games to review, talk about and ignore on my Steam Games list.

TF2 Update Is Live, Rather Fantastic

August 14, 2009 by


The final day of the TF2 update news has come and gone, and so the update has been released. The last bit of news told us that we would be getting a CTF version of Sawmill, the inclusion of CP_Yukon from the community as an official map, and many new features and fixes. Hit the read more bit under this to find the full changelog, and stay tuned for some impressions of after-update play.

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TF2 Update News Day 2 – King of the Hill arrives.

August 13, 2009 by


The Team Fortress 2 Update continues, with a new game mode announced today alongside a new map. The new game mode is King of the Hill – a multiplayer mode which is surely familiar to anybody who plays multiplayer FPS games. Essentially, one team takes hold of a point, and has to stop the other team from taking it away from them. There’s a timer of three minutes which counts down for the duration of your teams’ occupation of the point, and the same for the other team. Essentially, the first teams’ timer to reach zero wins.

With this news comes the announcement of a new map, this time set in a snowy setting, specifically designed for the new mode along with the arena maps Sawmill and Nucleus which have been modified for the new mode.

TF2 Update Inbound, Hats Are The New Old Hats

August 12, 2009 by

It doesn’t seem long since the mighty Sniper vs. Spy update, but apparently Valve have decided to shake things up again with a new ‘classless’ update for Team Fortress 2. What that essentially means is that the update will have no specific class in mind – and therefore all classes will get something nifty. The first day of update news is up, and we can be expecting 18 new hats and a new Arena level to be arriving with the update. We’ll keep you posted with the next few days of news.

And This Is Why I Love Modders.

August 5, 2009 by

Just look at it. That’s a mod of Wolfenstien 3D! Peoples are still making damned fine mods for a 17 year old game! Check out more of the mod at the website.

Foreign Legion: Buckets Of Blood Review

August 5, 2009 by


Well here’s an odd little distraction – Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood arrived on Steam yesterday. I’d not heard anything about it, but the cheap price of £5.24 (25% off the normal price) and the rather nice simplistic art style persuaded me to drop the money and give it a go. Obviously, from the Steam description it wasn’t going to be the most subtle of games, but was it worth the money?

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